Thursday, November 26, 2009

Since everyone in the US now believes Thanksgiving is merely a big feast in preparation for Black Friday, much like Mardi Gras before Lent, we've decided we better share our Christmas wish list with you, just in case you want to rush out at 3 am and buy us girls something special. Below you'll find what's on the top of Rose's list. Sadly, there were no Glen Campbell sweaters at where we found this lovely Elvis holiday wear.

In Maine we don't spend 50 bucks on an ugly sweater just to wear to a party celebrating the ugly sweater, its just a way of life and we find em at Walmart, Mardens, or sometimes we get them from Uncle Goodwill.

I do like the bell. Something to think about next year for the Sons of Seamen Ladies Auxiliary Flamingo Drill Team Holiday Extravaganza.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Calling up to Best Bob's

I don't know what compelled Hooch to call up to Best Bob's about that dang TV he bought. Hooch is my neighbor and as I hear him tell it... he was having a hard time with his new TV. He hooked it up to the antenna and he wasn't getting a picture. Now, when he had his old TV he had all the channels. Now, he didn't have any.

Hooch told me the lady up to Best Bob's was very nice and said she was sorry for his trouble but that the antenna may not be strong enough. She said if he had a minute she could walk him through the channel set up. He said he did... and so they were gonna get started.

The lady from Best Bob's said "make sure your antenna is plugged into the TV, make sure the TV is plugged into the wall, and pick up your remote. Now turn on the TV."

Hooch stopped his story looked at me and said "I knew I had forgotten something..."

:) Love you all...


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bits of Bernard (little known facts or maybe fiction)

Did you know we podcast from the former fish canning factory overlooking Cockamagoggin Harbor? Wellsa, when we first started we were up there in the offices of the mucky mucks up on the top floor, cause the rest of the building was gutted for low income senior apartments, but they couldn't get the smell of fish out, so that idea went bankrupt and all there is left is these old offices and a big empty building underneath. And seagulls. For some reason they don't seem to know the fish are gone. I guess birds are just dumb. So every time we took to recording, course we had to keep the windows open (cause of the fish smell), all you could hear was birds squalking to beat the band. So we hired little Jimmy and sent him up to Kitty's for a couple of great big bags of popcorn and he run over round the cove there and starting flinging popcorn into the wind. And pretty soon them birds followed him over and they pestered him until his corn was gone and we had a pod all casted. Now little Jimmy is a very important part of every episode of Rose and Trout, and he even has a title: Best Boy. Love, Lurlene oxoxoxo